Finding The Perfect Car

Finding The Perfect Car

Why Won't Your Tires Stay Inflated?

by Julian Moya

Your car's tires are crucial to the performance and safety of the vehicle. But if your tires won't stay inflated after you fill them with air, it's time to seek the help of an auto shop. You may need to repair your tires. Learn why your tires won't stay inflated and how to repair each tire below.

Why Do Your Tires Deflate?

If you drive your car many times a day, you may place a great deal of wear and tear on your tires. To keep your tires from wearing down too much, you may check and increase the air pressure in them regularly. But if your tires lose air throughout the day, you may need to do more than just fill them with air.

Tires should retain a certain amount of air in them during the year. Air creates pressure inside the tires so that they support the weight of your car properly. The only time your tires should lose a substantial amount of air is in the cold season. Cold temperatures can cause rubber to contract, or get smaller. Your tires should expand in the summer, or when the weather is at its hottest during the year. 

Tires that deflate in cold and hot weather may require immediate attention. Your tires may have a problem with the parts that support them.

How Do You Repair Your Tires?

You want to avoid filling your tires with air right now. If there's something wrong with the parts that support your tires, the extra air may damage your tires over time. An auto shop can inspect each tire to see why it won't stay inflated after you fill it with air. A shop will look for small leaks in your tires. Leaks can allow small amounts of air to seep out of the tires during the day.

The best way to find the leaks in your tires is to run water over the valve stems. Valve stems allow you to inflate your tires with air. If the stems become loose or broken, air will escape out of them. Air will cause small bubbles to form in the water as it passes over the stems.

If the valve stems are damaged, an auto shop will repair them for you. A shop will need to take the rubber tires off their rims in order to repair the valves. Your tires should stop leaking or deflating after the repairs.

Learn why your tires deflate by consulting an auto repair shop for services today. 


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