Finding The Perfect Car

Finding The Perfect Car

4 Innovative Truck Features

by Julian Moya

Trucks have become more innovative over the years. So if you are getting ready to go shopping for a truck, it is important to be aware of some of the innovation that has occurred within the truck industry to decide what features you want.

1. Carbon Fiber Bed

For decades, the beds of most trucks were made from steel. However, the material used in truck beds has started to change. You can now purchase a carbon-fiber bed. Carbon fiber is lightweight, which can help your vehicle be more fuel-efficient. Additionally, carbon fiber protects against dents and scratches better, so the bed of your truck isn't going to look all dented and damaged after a few years. 

2. Integrated Step in the Tailgate

Almost everyone gets up into the bed of their truck at one point or another. Getting up in the bed of the truck required climbing up using the wheel or hoisting yourself up on the tailgate and then getting into the bed.

With an integrated step in the tailgate, you no longer have to use either of those awkward methods of getting into the bed of the truck. Instead, you can pull the integrated step out of the tailgate, hold onto the pole that comes up, and use that easily step into the bed of your truck bed. This makes it easier to get from the ground into your truck.

3. Trailer Coverage Blind Spot Monitoring

Trucks are designed to pull things behind them. So if you like to pull trailers with your truck, you will want to look for a truck with blind spot monitoring. With blind spot trailer monitoring, you have to active it using your instrument cluster on your truck and enter your trailer's dimension. Then, the system will adjust and calibrate to monitor for blind sports not just around your truck but around your trailer as well.

This is a new system and the way it works from one manufacture to the next can vary. Some of these systems only work with traditional trailers, and others with larger trailers, like a gooseneck trailer.

4. Built-in Trunk

A new feature that is catching on with more trucks is the option of a built-in trunk. The trunk is built into the cargo floor of the truck bed. The trunk is a lockable and waterproof compartment. To access it, you have to open a hinged panel in the bed of the truck. This can provide you with a safe place to store items out of sight in your truck without taking up valuable cab space.

The design and features offered by trucks are changing. You can find trucks now with carbon fiber beds, integrated tailgate steps, trailer cover blind-spot monitoring, and even built-in trunks. Keep these features in mind as you look for trucks for sale


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