Finding The Perfect Car

Finding The Perfect Car

3 Helpful Actions To Take When Shopping For A Used Car

by Julian Moya

If you need a new car, buying used is a great option. You can save a lot of money and still have that new-car experience. So that you walk away from this investment with zero regrets, be sure to take these actions when looking at used cars for sale

Research Actual Value

You don't want to end up spending more than a fair amount on a used car, and you won't, as long as you know how much the vehicle is actually worth. To find out this actual value figure, you need to see what other motorists have paid for the same car you're interested in.

You can then average these figures out to form a baseline, which you can then use to compare offers from dealerships and third-party sellers. If this baseline is below the listing price of a used car you're interested in, then you can use this lower figure to strengthen your negotiating power.

Get Pre-Financed

Before you even go shopping for used cars, it behooves you to get pre-financed if you're not buying a vehicle outright. This does many things. For one, it lets you see the sort of lending offers you'll get from a dealership. You can see what your interest rate and monthly payments will be like ever before looking at a used car in person. 

Getting pre-financed also shows sellers that you're capable of affording the particular used car you're looking at. Thus, they'll take you more seriously during these negotiations. Who knows? You may even be able to get a better deal because of your pre-financing paperwork. 

Bring An Expert To the Test-Drive

No matter what type of used car you're planning to buy, you need to test-drive it thoroughly. However, it's not enough to do this alone. Rather, you need an expert with you who can provide helpful advice and assessments on the test-drive.

This expert may be your neighbor who knows a lot about used cars, a friend who works in the industry, or an actual auto mechanic. Having them with you helps you pay attention to potential red flags that you otherwise would have missed when driving the car alone. Then, you can make a more informed selection.

Used cars are great because they can be a cost-effective option for getting another vehicle. If you're making this investment, do your best to follow smart precautions from start to finish. Then, you can reduce your chances of experiencing buyer's remorse -- even years down the line. 


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