Finding The Perfect Car

Finding The Perfect Car

Why Sedans Beat Coupes Hands Down

by Julian Moya

It's an oldie but goodie: the choice to get a sedan or a coupe. Coupes are sporty, but 4-door sedans are going to win almost every time. The one time coupes may work out better is when you're looking at sleek sports cars. Other than that, though, a 4-door sedan like the Audi A3 offers you more benefits for the price you'll pay.

No Awkward Bending

If you have ever crawled into the back seat of a 2-door coupe, you should remember the awkward bending and twisting needed to get in and sit down. Even if you plan to always be the driver of the car, why put your passengers through those contortions? Get a 4-door sedan so that your backseat passengers can get in and out of the car like human beings. Plus, you never know what will happen, and maybe one day you will end up having to ride in the back seat of your own car. You want to be able to get in and out easily.

Ease of Transport

If you're used to ferrying a lot of items around, say, from the home improvement store, you're going to want those extra doors. It is much easier to load and unload large items, like flat-packed furniture, through full car door openings than it is to load them through the front door over a flattened seat. Don't tell yourself you'll get a 2-door coupe and then rent a truck for those trips to the hardware store -- you know you aren't going to take the time to get a rental truck. Get a 4-door sedan and the freedom to transport large items whenever you need to.

Better Legroom

Car makers have been increasing the space in the back seat of coupes for a while, often with good results, but you're still going to find that those spaces just don't have the legroom that 4-door sedans offer. Keep that in mind because you don't want to have people complaining that their legs hurt or their feet are cramped. The increased legroom also reduces the chances that those in the back seat will get whacked by the front seat if someone tries to move the front seat backward.

Sedans with four doors also have the advantage of having more storage space because the trunk is usually bigger than in coupes, though there are some spacious 2-door car trunks out there. Overall, though, getting a 4-door sedan is the better choice, so start researching models and trim packages now. Click here for more info.


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