Finding The Perfect Car

Finding The Perfect Car

How To Throw A Spooktacular Halloween-Themed Backyard Party

by Julian Moya

This Halloween, go one step farther than hanging cobwebs from your front doorway. A Halloween-themed backyard party will give the neighborhood kids more to do than gobble down candy on trick or treat night. If you have a backyard and a tractor mower, then you have the basis for a spooktacular Halloween-themed backyard party.

1. Rent a Trailer

With a trailer rental, like one from Back Roads RV Rentals, you can give neighborhood kids a spooky hayride in your backyard. Just make sure you rent a trailer that has sides and a safety rail on the back. Hook it up to the back of your tractor mower. Line the sides of the trailer with haybales, which you can get from your local grocery store or nursery during Halloween season.

2. Decorate the Backyard

Get busy decorating your backyard trees and shrubbery with cobwebs, hanging ghosts and Jack O'Lanterns. Add scarecrows and witches as desired. Decorate with the goal of creating a spooky path to bring the kids on the trailer ride.

3. Make a Path

The rides will be easier to manage if you have a path lined up in the yard. Use neon spray paint to mark the path on the grass. The next time you mow, the paint will be removed.

4. Add Sound and Light Effects

The spooky trailer ride will be even better if you can add some sound and light effects along the way. You can hang Bluetooth speakers in the trees and have a spouse or friend manage the sound as you and the kids go along with the trailer. Lighting can be wired as long as you're careful not to drive over any of the cords. Colored LED lights can be purchased at hardware stores, or you can use regular halogen bulbs in colors like amber, yellow, red and green.

5. Dress the Part

To make the scene complete, rent a costume of the Grim Reaper. Having the Grim Reaper driving the tractor and towing the trailer will make the whole scenario even scarier, as kids are safely seated in the back by their parents.

6. Have Treats at the End

As a reward for being brave enough to go on the spooky ride, have a table set up with treats at the end of the path. Apple cider, candies apples, and candy corn will complement the theme of the party.

Be ready to repeat this process next year, because the neighborhood kids will really appreciate the extra bonus activity that you planned for Halloween season.


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