Finding The Perfect Car

Finding The Perfect Car

How Does Purchasing Used Vehicles Save You Money

by Julian Moya

While most vehicles last for several years, none of them last forever. When it is time to get a better-running vehicle, you have the choice of buying a brand new automobile or one that is used. The excitement of buying a new car is always appealing; however, many people find that purchasing a used vehicle is much more affordable. These are some of the ways that buying a used vehicle can save you money.

Buy Here Pay Here Options

Many used car dealers offer a buy here pay here option. This means that you will pay a down payment on the vehicle up front and then you will have monthly payments that you make towards the balance until it is paid in full. Getting an automobile on buy here pay here terms often means there is no added interest because the vehicle is not financed through a bank or other lender.

This type of payment plan is not usually available when purchasing a new car. Instead, new vehicles are usually financed through a lender that you pay the money back to with added interest. However, purchasing a used car under buy-here pay-here terms will allow you to pay less money up front and you can take the car home and drive it while you continue to pay payments directly to the used car dealer.

Cheaper Auto Insurance 

Auto insurance for used vehicles is also substantially lower than insurance for new automobiles. If repairs need to be done to a used vehicle, the parts may be cheaper because the car is a few years older.

Repairs for a damaged new car are often more expensive because new parts may cost more. Therefore, the higher insurance premiums for a new car offset the cost of more expensive repairs for the auto insurance company.

Lower Sales Taxes And Registration Fees 

Some states require vehicle owners to pay expensive sales taxes on new vehicles. However, not every state requires this for purchasing used vehicles. Registration fees are also higher for new cars because they are normally based on the value of a car. A used car will have a lower value and therefore the registration fees will be less.

If you shop at reliable used car dealerships, it is not hard to find a great, quality used car. As long as the car is maintained properly, a used vehicle can last just as long as a new car while also saving you money in the long run. Depending on the quality of the car, it is not unheard of for a used car to outlast a new one as well.

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