Finding The Perfect Car

Finding The Perfect Car

Drive In Style: Bling And Zing For Your Used Car

by Julian Moya

You have a lot to consider when you're in the market for a vehicle. You may be considering quality used cars as your first choice because they offer the best deal possible as well as some of the most fun makes and models available. When you are looking for a used car, you may also consider how you'll want it to look. Adding a bit of bling and zing can make a used car feel like a brand new one, and it will stamp your car with your own personality so people who know you can always guess which car is yours.

Bat Those Lashes

Car eye lashes are a cute addition to any vehicle. Several companies now sell these large eye lashes that are glued or otherwise applied right over the headlights to your car. The headlights serve as the "eyes" of the car, and they seem to bat as you drive at high speeds. They're a decidedly cute and feminine addition to any car.

Get Your Signals Right

Buy a cute antenna topper for your vehicle. They now make antenna toppers for everything from official Disney characters to the mascots for your favorite football team. You may also opt to decorate your used car by the season. You can get antenna toppers that are themed to each season. Simply keep a stash in your garage and switch it up by the occasion, season, or month. Toppers are cheap, inexpensive ways to make your car look cuter.

Display Fancy License Plate Frames

Consider specialized license plate frames for your new car. Whether you want to go for rhinestone-covered license plate frames that make your car look like it's fit for a princess or fun, light-up frames that make your vehicle look festive, your options are plentiful. You may even opt for a license plate frame that spells out your name or has another special message.

Be Stylish Inside

You spend your time in the car, rather than outside looking at it, so make sure to also add some pizzazz to the interior of your car for optimal enjoyment. Put some cute flowers in a vase that you glue to the dashboard or hang Mardi Gras beads from the rear view mirror. Express your own personal style with what you choose to display inside your car.

Finally, whenever you are ready to drive off the car lot in your used car, rest assured that you can enhance it any way that you want. Your own taste and desires for your car are your only limits. Let your imagination and sense of fun prevail, and add some flair to your vehicle. 


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Finding The Perfect Car

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